Best Features Of The New Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will soon arrive and that it will represent a great improvement to the drastic change that happened when Windows 8 was released. When this operating system was available, many users complained that it had changed too much and was difficult to use, especially because the start menu that we all knew disappeared completely and was replaced by a different one that was better for touch screens but not for the classic mouse and keyboard used in desktop computers.

windows 10

Then a slight improvement appeared thanks to Windows 8.1, where the company decided to listen to its customers and make necessary changes to keep them happy. However, Microsoft has decided to launch a completely new version: Windows 10, skipping the number 9, and according to the same company will bring the accessibility of the old Windows 7 to the modern Windows 8.

The start menu

The classic Start menu now you are coming true, with access to all applications and locations as you did in Windows 7, but also include the live tiles or tiles on the home screen of Windows 8 many of which will have information on time real, and you can anchor unpin the ones you want to your liking.

Touch mode

The Windows 8 start screen with its tiles will not disappear completely, the user can decide if he wants to use it, especially useful to take advantage of devices with touch screens, this is what Microsoft now calls the “ touch mode ” of Windows 10. From the configuration you can decide whether to start on the classic desktop or in touch mode, everything will depend on your personal preference and the capabilities of your PC.

Modern applications will run on the desktop

In Windows 8, Metro or Modern applications were introduced, which took centre stage throughout the screen and seemed impossible to close or minimize. This was also a big complaint because it was very confusing if you had to handle them with the mouse. Now, in Windows 10, Modern applications can be seen in ordinary windows, with buttons to maximize, minimize and close.

Windows 10 Features

Virtual desks

Microsoft is finally adding a feature we have had in Linux and OS X for years: virtual desktops. Something that could only be achieved in Windows by installing third-party applications. Now, we can have several work areas or “desks” with different open applications. To achieve this, a new button will be added in Windows 10 in the taskbar that will allow us to manage the different spaces.

Enhanced multitasking

The multitasking of always in Windows pressing ALT + TAB on the keyboard to look at the different open applications will improve a lot in Windows 10, mainly thanks to the virtual desktops that we already mentioned. However, the windows snap function to handle several windows at the same time as we had in Windows 7 returns in this new and improved version. Thanks to the multitasking button we can see all the windows open at the same time, not just representative icons, which will give us more control and information about what we are running.


Although Windows 10 will not be so different from Windows 8 / 8.1, it will be a great improvement in many aspects because some changes that all users wanted, small big changes will be included. Best of all, Microsoft will finally be allowing the user to decide what they need and how they want to use the system, instead of enclosing it on the Windows 8 start screen.