How To Touch The Screen Of Any Laptop

In the market for laptops with desktop operating systems, there is a clear thing. The interfaces are not intended to be tactile and therefore do not work well being natively used as such. On the other hand, it is true that with its Metro or Modern UI interface, Microsoft has been since Windows Phone 7 trying to unify its interfaces, something that in Windows 8 reached its peak replacing the start menu with the famous Tiles mode. Windows 10 has separated a bit from that course, and many laptops do not include a touch screen.

how to touch laptop screen

Touch The Screen Of Any Laptop usingĀ  Airbar

However, following Microsoft’s design lines, many developers do develop applications that could be used comfortably by touching instead of clicking. To provide any laptop with such functionality, Neonode has launched Airbar, a bar that looks similar to the Nintendo Wii motion sensor that is placed at the bottom of the screen and connects to one of the side USB ports.

Once connected, the operation that Airbar offers on the screen is the same that would be executed on, for example, the Microsoft Surface, that is, not only to touch on the icon but to make gestures from the sides, to enlarge photographs by doing the Classic clamp gesture or simply scroll.

laptop homescreen

Beyond that it works, the most curious thing about Airbar is how it manages to detect the movement of the fingers: it generates an invisible light field that actively detects any movement, as in other cases it has been done by infrared. This means that, like the publicity company itself, it doesn’t matter if we use a bare, wet or coated hand with a glove. While there is movement, it will be captured and transmitted to the system without latency.

Undoubtedly, Airbar is an ingenious solution to match the screen of a computer, but the shape of the laptops is also not optimal for having your arm raised for a long time. Although it works with macOS, the company only recommends using it on Windows 8, Windows 10 and Chrome OS, systems more designed for touch operation. It can be booked in three sizes at a price of $ 69.