Secrets And Tricks To Achieve An Original Instagram Stories

While the WhatsApp States do not seem to interest the public, the other side of the coin is the Instagram Stories. In essence, it is the same model but it seems that users of the social network of the photos – also owned by Facebook – are more attracted to these ephemeral stories that Snapchat became fashionable. Next, we are going to tell you a series of tricks and secrets that are hidden by Instagram Stories and with which you can get more out of them.

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Thanks to those responsible for Instagram and, above all, who is the “guru” in Spain of this social network, Ignacio de Los Reyes, we have discovered some tricks and secrets that Instagram Stories has, the part that is so successful to show ephemeral messages, inside the platform. We do not want to roll up a lot because those who have entered want to know them so we get down to work but not before also invite you to a recent tutorial we have launched on how to use the gallery photos in Instagram Stories.

Text Trick With 3D Effect On Instagram Stories

The texts have many options in Instagram Stories. They can be aligned, format, change color, size etc. but what we can do with some skill is to give them a “3D” touch to make them jump off the screen. The truth is that this trick is very simple and you only have to write a text with one color and then the same with a different one to achieve that effect.

Secrets To Change Colors And Backgrounds On Instagram Stories

First of all, it is possible to put the colors of the Instagram logo as a background. You just have to take a black photo, swipe to the right several times and the “Instagram filter” will appear with the mauve tones we already know. A little more advice, if you take a picture of a blank sheet or a shirt and the background is very dark, you can achieve a much more colorful effect because the Instagram filter, so to speak, does not “affect” that color and get this effect.

Another that many do not know is that if you choose a color but leave the finger pressed, the color palette appears and you can choose the exact tone you want to look for, as you can see in the image above. This is true for funds, but also for anything we write or paint.

Finally, it is also possible to filter the photos of the color we want. This is done by selecting the brushes from the top. If you leave the finger pressed the whole screen will be covered and, in addition, if you choose the brush of the brush the color will be matt and if you choose the highlighter (the marker) what we will do is a shading.

Sopresas On Instagram Stickers Stories

There is some other surprise hidden in the apparent simple stickers of Instagram Stories that we paste in the photos. For example, some have variations such as temperature, sunglasses or location. Press several times on them to discover how they are changing and try with others to find more surprises.

Trick So That A Friend Does not See Our Stories

Do not think badly, it does not have to be that we want to “block” someone. It may also be that we are relaying how we are setting up a surprise party for everyone else but we do not want the honoree to know about it.