The Best Applications To Lead A Healthy Life

There is an app for everything and the healthy world could not be left behind. Do you know that it is possible to eat better, lose weight, gain muscle or track your workouts thanks to certain applications? You can always take them with you and they are free, ready to lead a healthier life? Go for it.

apps for health


Probably, this application is one of the best known in the fitness world. To change your eating habits, many specialists advise registering meals, as they help us to be aware of what we really eat. MyFitnessPal allows you to fully track all your meals and your physical activity. The app focuses, above all, on the importance of food to achieve a good physical preparation.

Runtastic y Runtastic Balance

Running runs out of pleasure. Although if you still have not been able to wear running shoes for more than a week in a row, Runtastic encourages you to do so. Use the app to record your careers, your goals and your progress. But we know, without good nutrition there is no progress. Therefore, they created Runtastic Balance, where you will find a nutritional plan according to your needs, either losing weight or gaining muscle mass. Only, you will have to write down your meals to obtain the number of calories for each one of them and, thus, you can improve your habits.


“Eat healthy, with what you have on hand” this is the motto of Nooddle and we love it. It’s as simple as including food in your search engine and some companion to get a complete list of healthy recipes with those ingredients. In the application you will find everything from tricks to learn to cook, to rice recipes, stews or desserts, all always in line with a healthy lifestyle.


If you have seven minutes you have no excuse not to stay active and tone your muscles. Seven proposes seven-minute daily routines designed to obtain the maximum benefit in a short time. All you have to do is set a goal and specify your physical state, they take care of the rest.


Drinking water is one of the key points for good health, as it guarantees the functioning of vital organs, joints and eyes. However, despite being aware of it, not everyone is able to drink 2 litres a day. This is how WaterMinder comes into our lives, which reminds us that we must drink water from time to time to maintain an adequate level of hydration.

3 Minute Mindfulness

A few years ago, mindfulness burst into our routine. Suddenly, a friend practised it and assured that he had changed his life. Thanks to 3-minute mindfulness it is possible to practice this meditation technique that aims to achieve a deep state of concentration. Through this, consciousness relaxes and focuses on the here and now.