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About  Us

Rashuma Consulting

Rashuma Consulting “RASHCON” was established in 2002 by Sully Motsweni, and is a 100% black woman owned small medium micro enterprise. The shareholder identified a gap and a need to form a company that will serve its clients with excellence by providing a professional service in the oil and lubricant space.

Above all else RASHCON’s formation is to meet the needs of its clients. To provide a service that provides comfort and service excellence.

RASHCON intends to become the go to lubricant Enterprise the southern hemisphere and to venture into various maintenance services by ensuring that the quality of our products speaks for itself.



The Vision

We wish to pioneer the lubricant distribution space and to provide real time solutions. Our aim is to become a benchmark of petroleum products and deliver the choice assorted lubricant products.

The Mission

We desire to bring the best of breed of lubricants to our diverse clients by combining and blending the best products available


Our Motto

We serve our clients with integrity, by understanding the value of relationships Maverick

The Owner

Sully Motsweni

Chief Executive Officer

A profile for Sully indicates an independent, self-motivated and tenacious personality. Her experience and competence spans multiple disciplines that include Internal Audit, Forensic Audit, Risk Management, Compliance, and Strategy Development. Sully is “her own woman” an assertive individual who is prepared to take unpopular decisions or advocate unconventional approaches if necessary. Her insistence on professionalism, integrity and quality, listening skills and patience with people, determination to develop other people, building coherent teams profile an individual endowed with leadership qualities. Sully articulates her ideas well and has developed the skill to critically analyse and understand all business processes of the Broadcaster.

Sully is a Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) from the International Academy of Business Financial Management; Her post B Degree training includes in-depth business studies incorporating, inter alia, Financial Risk Management, Marketing, HR Management, Strategy, Operations and Project Management, thus making her a multi-disciplined individual. Sully’s career has been characterised by consistent growth in expertise and a concomitant ascent in responsibility.

Over the past 15 years Risk Management, Forensic Audit & Compliance have featured consistently in her career thus she is considered an adept and seasoned practitioner. Critical competencies such as Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, Policy &Strategy Formulation, Financial Management, and Project Management under a framework of good governance are integral to her experience. Sully has assisted her previous employer with various investigations and has successfully represented the SABC at the Portfolio Committee on Communication in Parliament, her organisations oversight body in Parliament as the Chairperson of the Task Team appointed to respond and implement the recommendations of the Auditor General’s report of 2009.